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A Few Tips To Ponder While Setting Up A Simple Photo Booth Machine

Setting up a simple photo booth machine is not a big task. If you hire the essentials from a reliable photo booth rental service provider, you can make use of your innovative ideas and creative techniques to set up an ideal photo booth to be installed at the venue of your marriage reception or a party.

You must be familiar with photo booths that are set up at parties of all kinds. Whether it is birthday party, wedding party, anniversary party or even corporate parties, you will surely spot a photo booth tucked at one corner of the venue that raises rolls of laughter and jeering from the guests. It is a must have that event managers and party hosts just cannot over look. The trend that has now become a custom has led to some innovations that have resulted in widening the horizon of the business opportunities provided by the concept of photo booth.

Here, we will discuss a few tips to consider while trying to set up a simple photo booth machine. This is aimed to give you a basic idea about the concept and essential technical aspects to consider. However, it is ideal to get the support of a booth attendant or a handyman to do the task with perfection. Setting up a photo booth machine

* Lights

The lighting has to be done in an effective manner in order to reduce the possibility of any shadows. Light bouncing umbrellas also should be used to ensure perfect brightness.

* Background

This is where you can set free your imagination to come up with uniquely creative ideas. The backgrounds are usually made using fabric of various colours and textures. However, you can use paper, wood panels, and other materials too as you wish to create a unique ambience. The background covering on an average should be 6- feet high and about 8- to 10-feet wide.

* Camera settings

Setting up the camera is vital part of arranging a photo booth. It is best to use an auto-focus camera and the shutter speed has to be custom set to do auto capturing the best pictures.

* Instructions

It is idea to display the instructions for the users at some visible place inside the booth. Ensure that doesnt show up in the camera frame. Some may be new to the concept of a photo booth and for those who are confused with what to do inside such a place may simply follow the instructions to get it down.

A photo booth is of course a fun place, so dont forget to arrange some props and also other add-on attires for the users to make use of to get some really funny and amazing shots.


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