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Changes In Gps Technology

Technology changes at a very fast pace and GPS is no exception to that rule. GPS trackers of today have a smaller footprint and can track more data points now than ever and they only continue to get get faster and more powerful. If you have not been keeping up with the most recent breakthroughs in GPS technology then you may be shocked at what is possible now and in the near future. Let examine where GPS technology is today and what the future holds.

Widespread Usage

No longer is GPS technology only used by law enforcement with access to high end tech devices or by only the largest companies with enormous budgets. Businesses of all sizes are adopting GPS technology because it has become affordable for companies with budgets of all sizes. Companies are using GPS to help their bottom line, improve spending, and even to track their high level executives while they are traveling.

In the consumer world, many parents are turning to GPS trackers to help them keep tabs on teens who have recently acquired their drivers licenses. The technology can give parents peace of mind knowing they child is safe or help them locate a lost elderly relative. The technology is now even making its way into pet collars so pet owners can locate a lost cat or dog.

Much Longer Battery Life and Increasingly Smaller Size

Hollywood movies show images of tiny rice sized trackers being injected under the skin. While the technology has not quite gotten to that level it has come a long way and is getting smaller every year. Currently it is the battery that really limits the size of GPS trackers, but experts predict that trackers that size of a coin may not be too far off in the future. Some trackers can last anywhere from 1 to 6 months without needing a charge. This will only increase and trackers will only get smaller as battery technology continues to improve.

Software Advancements

Early tracking software was severely limited in the amount of data that it could collect and could also only track a single device at a time. Now there are hundreds of data points that can be collected from these devices and that will only continue to increase. This data is now used by companies to make decisions on budgets, growth and expansion, and much more.

Pricing Decreases

No longer is a tracking device reserved for high tech government agencies or James Bond types. The average business owner can afford these devices and when taking into account the cost savings they almost cannot afford not to have GPS trackers on all there vehicles.


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