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Effective Ways To Boost Your Wi-fi Network

While using computers, Wi-Fi is one of the most important and useful components. However, besides this, it can be one of the most frustrating things, while you are using your computer. Are you seeking to boost router speed of your Wi-Fi in your home? In case you are plagued by bad reception, Wi-Fi issues and slow speeds here are some of the best ways to boost router speed.

Disable older wireless protocols

You might be using a router that is fast, but in combination of devices that have outdated and older protocols. This as a result, makes your entire network slow down immediately your device becomes connected. However, if you are at this point, it is not a helpless situation as you can fix this by, logging in to your router and modify the 802.11 mode in order for the device to only allow protocols that are updated and new.

Automate a reboot schedule

If you have a new router, you do not necessarily have to reboot it often. However, if you have experienced dead internet connection, without any good reason, you must by now have realized that rebooting the device is all it requires in order to ensure it is back up and running. This is also the first thing that your router manufacturers tech support does when you complain about the speed of your router. You can do this yourself by setting your router to reboot every once in a day. Let this coincide with the time you take a nap as you will never even notice, that it had powered off and started all over again.

Get a better antenna

Most of the antennas of consumer grade routers are usually flat out awful. Get an amplified aftermarket antenna and it will surely be a great fix. This is because this kind of router will enhance signal quality in a simple manner without really replacing your router. The aftermarket options are usually cheap and affordable and ensures that you boost router speed at a pocket friendly price.

Switch to a different band

Homes that are typical are usually loaded with devices that are wireless. Tablets, computers, televisions, kindle and even your phone are competing for space in such a limited range of frequency on your network. This slows down the speed of your router, but you can be able to fix this issue. This is by applying the dual or tri- band router as this brings the capability of separating all these devices to maximize speed.

Other effective ways to boost router speed include -

· Lock down your router from hackers and thieves

· Install new firmware

· Change the channel

· Experiment with location

· Ensure your router is always updated

· Modify channel width

If you have been experiencing speed issues with your router, you can now solve those issues by using either of the ways above depending on what your case is. They are all effective ways and they have worked for many more people. They will save you a lot of money that you could have otherwise used to pay tech support.


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