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The Best Website Maintenance Services

Once you have gone through all the trouble of having a website designed and built, there is still one more step that you simply must go through as well: website maintenance. One mistake that most website owners make is that they assume since they got the latest version and a highly responsive website, then their job is done. Website maintenance Services conducted by web service companies are just as important as actually hiring someone to create the website itself.

In fact, the best way to approach this is to be proactive. Do not wait until your website has been hacked or has developed any other form of technical hitch thus making it slow and full of glitches. Hire the right company for website maintenance Services and prevent these things from ever happening in the first place. As one of the leading website maintenance companies, our key focus areas include:

- Real time website security- Immediate Malware cleanup as well as hack detection- Backups and more backups- Regular software updates (core, plugins and themes)- Uptime as well as overall Website performance monitoring- Webmaster Services including support when needed.

When you deal with a web services company, we will set up a plan that includes all or a combination of these areas so as to suite your particular needs.

Real Time Website Security

Without a functioning firewall, your website is vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. We route all your web traffic through a WAF (Web Application Firewall) where it is analyzed for any kind of threat. You can rest assured that only legitimate traffic gets through to your website while bad traffic is blocked even before your website is updated.

Immediate Malware cleanup as well as hack detection

Besides the fact that we provide real time website security, we also do a thorough checkup every 12 hours to make sure that there is no hidden Malware or any hack attempts on the site. Any security problem discovered at this point is cleaned up at no additional cost.

Backups and more backups

We carry out an automated backup of your web files and database every single day. These backups are stored offsite and held for 30 days. We also proved revisions (which include roll backs to previously saved versions). Additionally, we provide with you convenient features such as reporting, your own dashboard, once-click restore as well as notifications.

Regular software updates (core, plugins and themes)

Your website needs regular software updates (core, plugins and themes). We provide this on a regular basis and even go the extra mile to ensure that the updates provided do not cause any issues with the smooth running and daily operations of your website. Should there be any update problems, our team spends an hour trying to fix it, should that not be enough time, and then we restore your site to the previous version while we discuss additional options with you.

Uptime as well as overall Website performance monitoring

Websites periodically develop performance issues, especially where uptime is concerned. We get alerts 24/7 on all the websites we manage. Should any issue arise, our team reacts accordingly in a speedy manner.

Webmaster Services including support when needed

As one of the leading providers of website maintenance Services, we remain available should you ever need any kind of webmaster support. Should you need various style updates, theme or plugin installations, different customization jobs, bug fixes, or just general help with troubleshooting and figuring something out. We are the company to call. Do not let your website suffer attacks and technical hitches before giving Driven Web Services a call. Pro-activity is key here are we are always ready to provide you with the best web maintenance services in town.


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