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I Am A Musician - I Use My Fourflexx Stand To Hold My Music Notes When I Am Playing

Music as an art is both professional and recreational.

Today, it is not a must to walk around with a hard copy of music notes. I can have them stored in my iPad. It is only the piano that has a slot to place the hard copies. The other instruments do not have the same allowance. This makes the FourFlexx stand very essential as I play instruments using music notes from my iPad.

Since the stand inclines the iPad to a position where I can clearly see the notes, it is easy to read and interpret them unlike when I have the iPad on a flat surface like a table. It is hard to keep looking at the iPad and back to the keys on my piano or guitar.

The holder is also safe for my iPad unlike when I have to hold it in my hands. My music sessions are sometimes long and tiring. I fear that my fingers cannot be trusted to hold this cherished device for as long without letting go. When it comes to my electronics, I take no chances. They are expensive.

The FourFlexx tablet stand also makes it possible for me to turn the iPad at an angle where I can clearly see the music notes, be it slanted forward or backward or any other direction. The ball points on the stand make the rotation possible. This is one flexible iPad floor stand.

The fact that I can adjust the standâs height to any level means the stand caters for all situations. For example, if am sitting on a high stool or a low one, I simply adjust the height accordingly.

The stand enables me to concentrate more on playing the music notes and not struggling to play them and at the same time hold the iPad. This makes work easier especially when am doing personal practice. My hands are free.
The compatibility of this stand with several brands of tablets makes it ideal for the music industry where there is diversity in terms of brands. As long as my tablet is between 7 inches and 13 inches in diameter, it will fit snugly on the stand.

I can also turn one of the four legs of the stand into a holder for my smartphone. This enables me respond to calls, text messages and emails, I do not miss a phone call just because my phone is at a distance from me.

The LXORY tablet stand is such an important tool that I carry it around with me wherever I go to play music. I do not allow inconveniences to slow me down when I have a solution right at home.

What Features Can You Expect In A Waterproof Phone?

Water and electronics dont mix: fact. This certainly is normally the case. However, with mobile technology now being a requirement rather than a luxury, and everyday life involving a little rain - if not harsher wet environments of outdoor work or hobby pursuits - phone manufacturers have needed to face this problem head on. A new generation of waterproof phones have been born: excellent technology with all the add-ons we the consumers expect, in a waterproof casing that doesnt detract from the overall user-friendly nature or look of the phone.

Phones such as the Crosscall Odyssey+ or the Cat S40 Tough Phone are built to marry the conundrum between functionality and versatility. These types of phones are changing the market, and its no longer an oddity for a phone to be able to take a tumble in to a bucket, or to be splashed at the roadside, and to live to tell the tale. Its now more a case of foolishness if you dont have one of these phones that can actually withstand real life use. So what can you expect from a waterproof phone and how does it differ from a regular market-standard smart phone?

These phones have been designed for both the leisure and the workplace market. Originally with watersports and beach leisure in mind, these phones are now built to not only withstand the accidental spills of life, but also be used whilst partaking in watersports, or at the pool, or the beach. These rugged handsets are designed to be durable and long-lasting whatever is thrown at them.

You can expect your phone to be smart and not lose out to design simply because it is meeting the requirement of being waterproof. The CAT B15Q for example, looks so similar to a regular smartphone with uncompromising design and style whilst encompassing all that is needed in terms of functionality. These phones tend to look good as well as being dust, shock and waterproof whats to lose?

You can expect a touchscreen. You shouldnt need to compromise the user-friendly touchscreen technology you know and love and return to clumpy keypads simply because you want a Waterproof Phone. Phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 incorporate effortless touchscreen technology with a waterproof casing. These phones remain responsive to touch even when you have wet fingers or gloves on.

You can expect watertight seals on jacks and entry points, whether this is achieved through rubber flaps or internally lined entry points. Not only does this ensure no ingress from water, it ensures there is no ingress from dust or other harmful particles. Such ingress can be a problem in regular phones even from those who just are regularly putting their phone in and out of a pocket or bag.

You can expect decent high-quality camera technology. Phones such as the Xperia Z1 are designed to enable the user to take good pictures in damp conditions, and even underwater. Many of the rugged phones that incorporate waterproof technology also incorporate the same quality camera technology of a regular smartphone.

You can expect the best of Dual-Sim technology. If you require a dual-sim phone you shouldnt have to compromise by forgoing the tough waterproof option. There are now many dual-sim tough phones on the market that enable you to achieve the versatility you need to balance your life and make use of the best contracts for different purposes. This isnt a luxury any longer but a real tangible option across many waterproof smartphones.

In short, what you can expect from a waterproof phone is the same in terms of functionality as a top-of-the-range smartphone. The water-proofing is an addition to an already excellent phone. You can achieve the best of both worlds.

How To Find The Best Micro Four Thirds Camera Around

If you are in the market for a camera, it can be difficult to choose from the plethora of options that are available. The great thing is that there are simple ways to find what you are looking for. If you want to find the best micro four thirds camera around, this is how you do it.

Read Magazines - There are magazines all over the place that focus on cameras and electronics. You should pick up a few of these and read the information inside on your quest to find the best micro four thirds camera. Each month there is usually featured articles on certain cameras. Keep an eye out for these if you want valuable information that will make the selection process easier for you.

Try A Comparison Site - Whether you believe it or not, there are websites out there that were created to make shopping much easier for you. Many of them have a feature that allows you to compare several products against one another. Looking at the camera details side by side is a great way to stack one camera against the next.

Browse Blogs - Bloggers are often given a product to test and they are very forthcoming with information. Reading several blogs can give you some serious insight into your purchase decision. You should aim for a blog where the writers are open about being paid in exchange for their reviews since it shows that they are more interested in being honest than trying to sway you in the wrong direction.

Ask A Photographer Friend - If you are friends with someone who takes photos for a living or as a hobby, you should certainly take their opinion into consideration when you are looking for a camera. Even if they do not use this type of camera, it is likely that they know someone who does and they would be willing to ask around about it. Keep in mind that everyone has different preferences, which means that you should not allow what you feel is a terrible recommendation to affect your friendship.

Buying a camera is a big deal, which is why it is important for you to be careful when making your selection. The advice here will help you glean information about many cameras that are available on the market. Use it to find a camera that you will be more than satisfied with.

The Best Spy Cameras

Spy cameras are important for anyone who wants to monitor home, family members or a visitor. Even though there are so many other ways to spy on someone, a spy camera gadget is the best when it comes to spying. In fact, most of the spying devices don't look like cameras at all. Most of these cameras are hidden in plain sight, and they can take still photos and videos on individuals or valuable that need to be spied on. Some people use these gadgets since they are professionally required by such people. Others prefer to use the gadgets just for fun. No matter for what purpose you use them, spy gadgets are extremely versatile, and they plan an important role in today's society. This article highlights some of the best spy cameras on the market currently.

The TRURENDI HD is a spy gadget that is hidden in an unassuming pen. The product comes in two different versions such as the pen alone and the pen with an eight GB card. The best spy camera can be used to produce AVI videos of conversations, meetings and classes. No person will suspect that you are carrying a spying instrument since a pen is usually unobtrusive. The best spy cameras can be used in any setting without arousing the suspicion of anyone in the vicinity. It is extremely easy to use, portable, and could be taken anywhere without setting off any alarm bells. Some of the most important advantages of the product includes unobtrusive, lightweight, inexpensive, 8MP camera to take 1280×1024 images and 720p videos. The product is compatible with most of the computer operating systems out there. Some of the disadvantages are: cannot take full HD pictures, takes more than two hours to charge, image quality is better when taken outdoors and confusing instruction manual.

Toto 808 Car Key Recorder is a gadget that is quite similar to your electronic car key. The pinhole in the camera will let you take still photos and videos easily. This product is great to make some videos in places where it is difficult to go. If you are looking for a spy gadget that is extremely difficult to detect, this is the best gadget for you. Many people may be aware that a spy gadget can be hidden in a pen, but no one would suspect that a camera can be hidden in a car key. Some of the most important advantages of the product includes it is quite similar to the real thing, can shoot 30 frames per second, wide angle lens for good images and it lets you obtain time and date stamped images. The product is much cheaper than you might expect. Some of the disadvantages are: records only 480p videos, no memory card included, doesn't support cards over 8GB and it could record only 90-minutes before the battery dies.