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What To Look For When Comparing Ecommerce Web Designers

The ability to sell products online has completely transformed the way that most companies do business. Rather than having to set up a large brick-and-mortar store with all of the associated expenses, companies can set up an online business, build an ecommerce website and start making profits straight away. However, if you really want to be successful online, your website has to be fast to load and easy to use. If the pages take too long to load or if the navigation is confusing, people will simply move on and buy from another site instead.

To ensure that your site works the way it was intended to, it is important to hire a qualified designer to build it. Check out these tips on what to look for when comparing ecommerce web designers to help ensure that you find the best designer for the job:

1. An excellent portfolio. One of the best ways to judge the overall skills of a particular web designer is by looking at their portfolio of past work. By checking out sites that they have built in the past, you can determine whether or not their design style is a good fit for your company's needs. Most web design companies should have a section on their website where they show sites that they have worked on in the past. If they don't, you can always contact them for a list of some of their past clients. This will allow you to check out their work firsthand to see whether or not it lives up to your standards.

2. A great reputation. It doesn't matter how skilled a designer is if they are difficult to work with you are not going to have an easy and stress free time of it. In an ideal world, you would find a website designer that not only creates top-quality sites but also provides excellent customer service. A good designer should keep you in the loop as to what is happening with your project at regular intervals. They should also be easy to reach by phone or by email so that you can get any questions you have answered in a timely manner. The best way to determine the level of customer service that a particular web design company offers is by reading reviews from their past clients.

3. Strong listening skills. When you initially meet with a web designer to discuss your project, you should feel as if they are really listening to your needs and ideas. After all, it is your project. You should have some say in how your website is set up. Having said that, however, it is also important to listen to input from the web designer because you are hiring them for their experience and expertise. Because of that, you should be willing to take their advice on how to do certain things even if it doesn't mesh with the image that you had in your mind for how your website should look. They will be able to explain why certain aspects of the design might not work and will be able to steer you towards a suitable alternative so that you get a great site that does what you want.

These tips for comparing ecommerce web designers should make the process of finding a company to design your website as easy and painless as possible.

The Best Website Maintenance Services

Once you have gone through all the trouble of having a website designed and built, there is still one more step that you simply must go through as well: website maintenance. One mistake that most website owners make is that they assume since they got the latest version and a highly responsive website, then their job is done. Website maintenance Services conducted by web service companies are just as important as actually hiring someone to create the website itself.

In fact, the best way to approach this is to be proactive. Do not wait until your website has been hacked or has developed any other form of technical hitch thus making it slow and full of glitches. Hire the right company for website maintenance Services and prevent these things from ever happening in the first place. As one of the leading website maintenance companies, our key focus areas include:

- Real time website security- Immediate Malware cleanup as well as hack detection- Backups and more backups- Regular software updates (core, plugins and themes)- Uptime as well as overall Website performance monitoring- Webmaster Services including support when needed.

When you deal with a web services company, we will set up a plan that includes all or a combination of these areas so as to suite your particular needs.

Real Time Website Security

Without a functioning firewall, your website is vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. We route all your web traffic through a WAF (Web Application Firewall) where it is analyzed for any kind of threat. You can rest assured that only legitimate traffic gets through to your website while bad traffic is blocked even before your website is updated.

Immediate Malware cleanup as well as hack detection

Besides the fact that we provide real time website security, we also do a thorough checkup every 12 hours to make sure that there is no hidden Malware or any hack attempts on the site. Any security problem discovered at this point is cleaned up at no additional cost.

Backups and more backups

We carry out an automated backup of your web files and database every single day. These backups are stored offsite and held for 30 days. We also proved revisions (which include roll backs to previously saved versions). Additionally, we provide with you convenient features such as reporting, your own dashboard, once-click restore as well as notifications.

Regular software updates (core, plugins and themes)

Your website needs regular software updates (core, plugins and themes). We provide this on a regular basis and even go the extra mile to ensure that the updates provided do not cause any issues with the smooth running and daily operations of your website. Should there be any update problems, our team spends an hour trying to fix it, should that not be enough time, and then we restore your site to the previous version while we discuss additional options with you.

Uptime as well as overall Website performance monitoring

Websites periodically develop performance issues, especially where uptime is concerned. We get alerts 24/7 on all the websites we manage. Should any issue arise, our team reacts accordingly in a speedy manner.

Webmaster Services including support when needed

As one of the leading providers of website maintenance Services, we remain available should you ever need any kind of webmaster support. Should you need various style updates, theme or plugin installations, different customization jobs, bug fixes, or just general help with troubleshooting and figuring something out. We are the company to call. Do not let your website suffer attacks and technical hitches before giving Driven Web Services a call. Pro-activity is key here are we are always ready to provide you with the best web maintenance services in town.

Unlock The Key Advantages Of Siem Securityin 2016

SIEM stands for Security Information & Event Management In short, it enables all the occasion details of every person who logs right into an infrastructure to be a lot more quickly recorded and detected. If you are taking care of a network of computer systems in a workplace or an university, for instance, the logging of events is crucial. SIEM is a legacy technology that was currently offered to bigger establishments who can afford the a lot more complicated security system. Today, however, it is possible for even smaller sized companies and also companies to use the exact same SIEM solutions. Shown below are the more common positive aspects:

SIEM Security Enables a Better Systems Compliance per User

Is any individual making use of a particular application which may possibly damage the system? Are unauthorized internet downloads being made? Is somebody making use of a proxy web server which could allow particular actions to be smoke-screened? Is anybody downloading and install material that is not allowed the system because it could allow infection and also various other dangers in? These points could possibly be more conveniently discovered, tape-recorded, tracked as well as blocked with the assistance of an SIEM protection system. It can also regulate the actions of a user who must not be connecting to the system. Without having the SIEM option, these safety and security dangers could be difficult to discover and also stopped on site.

SIEM Services Makes it Possible For Simpler Uncovering of Events

In a rather large framework, the suspicious activities of an unauthorized computer system can be difficult to find. As an example, documents can be hacked with the network if the unauthorized user is ultimately able to obtain right into the system. With SIEM security options, one could quickly identify as well as stop several failed logins from the very same device. Each gadget is additionally determined as a wireless or a wired customer, so you know if a person is hacking right into your account making use of a cellphone, as an example. This is a really vital attribute for companies that maintain private information like credit rating card info, or client information.

They Facilitate Monitoring Updates in Log Records

While one of the benefits of SIEM safety services includes network or global access to log credit reports, any type of modifications to these log credit reports are also reported. Even details in order to which computer system made the changes could be discovered, which permits for the tracing of individual activity. This is an extremely important function specifically in workplaces and also schools where somebody who is not conforming to the rules could be experienced adequate to make modifications to the log documents. It enables openness in the system, and also at the exact same time, allows the admin to limit access to particular documents and also data as well.

SIEM Solutions May Let the Admin Keep Secure Programs Upgraded

If you have an interest in obtaining SIEM solutions for your company or tiny organisation, visit the very best in the company.

If you have firewall programs and anti-virus programs installed in your system, SIEM can track updates. This will maintain your security system up-to-date in any way times. You will not need to fret about brand-new insects or malwares striking your system as well as jeopardizing your vulnerable reports. Hacking efforts, when successful, can substantially interrupt your company procedures. With the SIEM remedies made a lot more budget friendly, your tiny business or company might be permitted to be connected to on the internet without being endangered.