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How To Find The Cheapest Satellite Television Service

Previously, there was no such thing as an economical satellite television system. It cost you anywhere between $2000 to $10,000 to purchase a decent system with a satellite TV dish & multiple electronics boxes which came with it.

In addition, it cost a huge amount to install a big dish satellite television system.

Today, due to the rising competition in the satellite television industry, vendors are offering satellite television system in order to entice customers to subscribe to their satellite television service. Also, the setup is free.

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Hence, when you talk about finding an economical satellite system, you are in luck.

Satellite television systems

Below is what you get after subscribing to either DIRECTV's satellite television or DISH Network:

A free satellite television dish along with the mounting stand.

As many as 4 free satellite television receivers along with universal remote controls.

Free professional setup of your system in as many as 4 rooms of your house.

Free digital video recording or DVR receivers so that you can record your preferred television show.

Optional HDTV satellite television receivers for HD reception.

Important note: DIRECTV and DISH Network provides bonus gifts like a free home theater system and DVD player after you order their service.

Economical satellite television service

Talking of satellite television service, you can expect to pay anywhere from $31 per month for a 60 channel package of programming, to up to $93 per month for a 215 channel package.

Both DIRECTV's satellite television service and DISH Network comprises the following:

In excess of 225 programming channels along with digital quality sound and picture.

As many as 500 commercial free films each month.

Digital video recording service that allows you to bypass commercials and also record your preferred TV programs.

High-definition programming.

As many as 60 PPV shows each day.

Ad free music channels with digital sound.

Online and toll-free 24/7 customer help center.

Your local TV channels with digital picture & sound.

Important note: DIRECTV and DISH Network both offer exclusive introductory rates for new users. Click the below link for the latest offers.


Getting the most economical price for satellite television depends upon whether you desire cheapest price per channel or cheapest service.

DISH Network offers the most economical satellite television service. Their starter pack -- America's top 60 -- offers you sixty channels of satellite television, which includes your local channels as well, for $31.99 each month.

The Total Choice Program package from DIRECTV gives you the cheapest price per channel at only $0.31 (135 channels for $41.99). Along with the 135 program channels, the users also get their local channels along with 31 music channels.

If TV is your basic form of entertainment & you desire all kinds of sports, movies, news and shows ... if you are tired of poor reception quality & need digital quality sound and picture ... If your cable TV bill is starting to equal your loan payment -- then we think you'll find satellite television a real bargain.