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Enjoy The Internet More With Online Radio

The internet is still very young and until recently the benefits it brought were mainly based around information search, online shopping and banking, or online service transactions such as with Government and other authorities. In parallel to this people have been able to download music tracks and movie DVD's to enjoy as one-off occasions or keep as part of their collections. These activities are now being superseded by the rapid expansion of Internet Radio channels. This has quickly gained popularity, not least amongst those that find themselves working behind desks or with computers for long hours as a way of keeping relaxed throughout the long hours.

Internet Radio takes the same general subject matter as a traditional, terrestrial radio station and delivers it through a different medium - the Internet.

Traditional radio stations require specific transmission equipment and staff and therefore require a fixed base. To receiver a broadcast transmission 'over the air waves', the receiving equipment needs to be within line-of-site of the original signal or a relay point for the original source. Hence the number of physical radio stations in a locality, or even nationally tend to be limited. With the development and growth of the internet and world wide web, it became possible to not only download a single entity such as a movie DVD or music track, but to actually 'broadcast' a continuous stream of data in the form of an ongoing program. Hence the concept of Internet Radio was introduced. The first 'show' was from an embryonic talk station that started in 1993 and within a few years the first Internet Radio stations were beginning to spread their wings.

It takes very little equipment to set up an internet radio station, with computer hardware and software being readily available and cheap. Anybody with a computer and access to a reliable internet connect is able to receive any of the internet radio stations out there. Thus the number of stations has proliferated to a current count of over 20,000. Traditional radio manufacturers have kept up with this trend and most model ranges now included an internet radio tuner option to go along with the normal AM/FM/DAB wavebands. The following video shows a typical modern digital internet radio and explains its features:

Whether your receiver is in the traditional form shown in the video, or you are happy to receive all the radio channels on your desktop, laptop, notebook or smartphone, there is no chance of you, the listener getting bored. 24/7 internet radio allows you to choose the type of program you want to listen to, be it speech, sports, music, or just general entertainment from anywhere in the world. The steady output from local or national terrestrial broadcast stations with their well-loved regular schedules and programs is still there, but if you want the excitement of discovering something different or want to home-in on some full time music genre or sub-genre, then that awaits you via Internet Radio.

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