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The Best Way To Clean Your Phone Screen

Phone screens get dirty every day, which is understandable considering how much we use our phones. Avoiding using your phone with dirty hands certainly helps keep the screen clean, but there are plenty methods to clean it after its already dirty. "We clean phone thoroughly before and after working on them. People mighe be surprised how easy it is and some of the health concerns you can avoid by practicing googd phone cleaning habits"-Kyle from Rapifix: Montreal's cell phone repair shop.

The following cleaning tips can be used to clean any dirty phone. It comes down to knowing what you can use on a screen and what you can't use without damaging the device. The first thing to do before cleaning is to turn off the phone. Clean the screen with a microfiber cloth as this material is perfect for gently cleaning delicate glass like the glass used for phone screens. Other cloths, especially very textured ones, can scratch the screen which is worse than leaving a little dirt on it. Microfiber cloths attract oil and dirt and simply removes it from the glass. Other cloths will just smear the oil and dirt.

Also, don't use a circular motion while cleaning with the microfiber cloth. It is much better to gently wipe from side to side, working from top to bottom. After each use, soak the cloth in soapy hot water. This will remove the oil and dirt which will provide you with a fresh microfiber cloth for the next cleaning.

If you are directly cleaning the surface if the glass this is the safest technique. However, if you have a screen protector or plastic case that covers the glass screen you can add a little water and clean more thoroughly. In fact, if the case completely covers your phone you can use disposable disinfectant wipes which will not only remove dirt and oil, but will remove gross germs as well.

There are also tapes available for cleaning purposes. In my opinion these tapes are more of a hassle than they're worth, but it will still clean your device without problems. Essentially all you need to do is stick the tape onto the dirty surface and once removed it will peel off the screen along with the dirt and oil underneath it. Then you need to repeat as many times as necessary with fresh tape depending on how dirty the phone is.

Now that you know what to do, let's talk about what not to do. Never use a tool from your tool box in an attempt to scratch off or pick away at the dirt. This will only damage your screen. Never clean the screen with a paper towel or rough cloth. The rough texture of these materials will cause the screen to become less sensitive and over time completely unusable.

If your screen is constantly dirty and you want the more effective cleaning solution with the minimum cost, invest in a microfiber cloth. It is a one-time purchase that will be useful for hundreds of screen cleanings.


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